S8525 is a unique straight 8mm fin gasket seal designed to be fitted into a prepared kerf groove in timber, aluminium or PVC door and window frames.

Product Datasheet

Sliding Door Acoustic Test Class 33 STC




The TPE-V material of this 8mm straight fin gasket seal can provide better weather resistance, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and durability than foam or pile seals.

Gap Size

8mm maximum.


Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Material and Finish:

Black high grade TPE-V silicon gasket.


This seal can be mounted around the perimeter into a prepared kerf or groove.
Available in lengths of 1000mm cut increments up to 200M box size.


Fire: AS1530.4 Smoke: AS1530.7/BCA C3.4 Acoustic: AS1191/ISO140.3/ISO10140.2
Acoustic test information is available.