The DS10-12 is a 12mm curved fin seal gasket held within a low profile aluminium carrier with concealed fixings.

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This curved fin seal can compress under side or end pressure so it can be ideal for a range of sealing positions. The black TPE-V seal gasket is strong and flexible due to its elastomeric properties. A 100% aluminium carrier is screw fixed to the door, window or frame to securely hold the gasket seal in position. The 23 x 8mm carrier has a curved edge and smooth surface profile which fully conceal the fixing screws.

Gap Size

Maximum 12mm gap coverage if fitted as standard. Consider also adjusting the position of carrier to suit gap coverage.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Material and Finish:

Black TPE fin gasket with clear anodised aluminium carrier and cover.


Installed using the supplied fixing screw pack.


Fire: AS1530.4 Smoke: AS1530.7/BCA C3.4 Acoustic: AS1191/ISO140.3/ISO10140.2
Tested to exceed 1 million opening and closing cycles.
Acoustic test information is available.