Architectural, Acoustic, Energy, Fire & Smoke Seal Systems

Why DSA ...


High Quality

Compact Design

Best Performance

Latest Technology

Long Life Durability

The Best Seals and Installation System Available

The Ultimate in Door Sealing Systems

Acoustic Door Seal Systems

Designed and tested to provide superior barriers to airborne sound

Perimeter Seals

For sealing the perimeter of doors or windows

Automatic Door Bottom Seals

For automatically sealing the gap between door bottom and floor

Door Bottom Seals

For sealing the gap between door bottom and floor

Astragal Meeting Stile Seals

For sealing the vertical meeting stile of a pair of doors

Threshold Plates & Ramps

For providing the best floor contact surface for door bottom seals

Sweep Action Seals

For sealing challenges like pivoting, sliding or roller doors

Self-Adhesive Seals

A range of self-adhesive door and window seals

Glass Door Seals

Seals suitable for single or multiple glass doors

Aluminium Joinery Seals

Seals suitable for aluminium joinery

Timber Joinery Seals

Seals suitable for timber joinery

Speciality Seals & Installation Tools

For special applications and tools

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The Right Choice of Seals for Your Building

DSA seals are being increasingly chosen as the best available option for door and window sealing solutions because they are well designed, work effectively and provide great value. As more people become aware of the advantages of DSA seals compared to other brands, our seals are being selected as the right choice for acoustic, fire, smoke, wind, water, vermin and energy efficiency sealing in buildings.

Since 1998 DSA have been providing a range of seal products that can effectively cover gaps around the sides, top and bottom of doors or windows that are hinged, pivoting, sliding, folding, rolling or lifting. Contact us for any assistance you require with selection, specification or supply on the best sealing solution to suit doors, windows or any type of opening that has a gap that needs to be sealed.