To install a face mounted automatic bottom seal to the pull side of a door, this Actuator Block is exactly what you need.

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There are situations when it is required to install an automatic door bottom seal to the pull side of a door, rather than to the push side of the door.

To do that, the automatic door bottom seal is installed to the face of the pull side of the door with the actuator pin projecting towards the lock side of the door (not the hinged side).  Then this Actuator Block is installed to the face of the door frame inline with the seal and when the door is closed the seal actuator pin compresses against the Actuator Block, to drop the seal down to the floor surface.

This works in conjunction with products DBS1230, DRS1530 and other DSA automatic door bottom seals.

Additional information

Material and Finish:

Black TPE thermoplastic with 3M VHB self adhesive tape.


It is suitable for fitting to hinged glass doors.


Fire: AS1530.4 Smoke: AS1530.7/BCA C3.4 Acoustic: AS1191/ISO140.3/ISO10140.2