A 5 fin straight seal with ‘F’ profile aluminium carrier, designed to be used around the perimeter and bottom of doors.

Product Datasheet



This unique 5 straight fin seal has been designed for heavy duty sealing where the gasket will swipe against the closing surface. The black TPE-V seal gasket material is strong and flexible due to its elastomeric properties. A 100% aluminium carrier is screw fixed to the door, window or frame to securely hold the gasket seal in position. The 18 x 7mm carrier can be fitted with the supplied fixing screws.

Gap Size

Maximum 16mm gap coverage if fitted as standard. Consider also adjusting the position of carrier.

Additional information

Dimensions 1000 mm
Material and Finish:

Heavy duty black 5 fin TPE-V gasket seal with undrilled clear anodised silver aluminium 'F' profile carrier.


These are particularly effective in sealing gaps around sliding doors but will suit many applications.
Available in lengths of 1000mm cut increments to 3000mm maximum.