The DS44 can be installed as a concealed perimeter seal designed to work effectively with door assemblies to improve their performance. The unique TPE-V wedge gasket seal is very effective in sealing against all elements including sound, fire, smoke and weather.

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The unique DS44 wedge shaped TPE-V perimeter seal requires less energy to open and close due to its flexible elastomeric properties. As the DSA wedge design works so effectively, they are on average 50% more compact overall than competitor’s bulky alternatives – the carrier has a low profile projection of just 5mm and width of 10mm. With the DSA unique fitting system, you can ensure a fast and perfect installation as the seal is positioned and adjusted for optimum performance. Plus the carrier is 100% aluminium (no flimsy, odd coloured plastic inserts used) with a curved edge and smooth surface profile to compliment any door frame.

The DSA TPE-V gasket seal wedge profile is much easier to compress than competitor’s tyre bulb shapes (which is similar to trying to compress a bicycle tyre) and so adds minimal resistance to the opening and closing operation of a door.  The full face of the seal compresses against the closed door face providing high acoustic attenuation as an airtight seal barrier is created.


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Material and Finish:

Black TPE-V wedge gasket seal with clear silver anodised full aluminium carrier.
They are easily serviceable in everyday use as the gaskets can be removed and replaced without the need to remove the carrier.


The DSA unique easy fit system uses installation guides to ensure that when fitted, the seals are positioned in the perfect position to operate effectively when the door is closed (most other brands give no guidance but rely on guesswork when fitting)
Available in a choice of door set pack sizes, or in lengths of 1000mm increments .
Refer also to installation video.


Fire: AS1530.4 Smoke: AS1530.7/BCA C3.4 Acoustic: AS1191/ISO140.3/ISO10140.2
Tested to exceed 1 million opening and closing cycles.
Acoustic test information is available.