The DS150 is a versatile, self-adhesive perimeter set of twin V-seals designed to work effectively with door assemblies to improve their performance. The TPE-V wedge gasket seal is very effective in sealing against all elements including sound, fire, smoke and weather. The entire material is flexible, not rigid, so it can be easily transported and trimmed to required lengths.

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The unique DS150 wedge shaped TPE-V perimeter seal set has been designed to be installed around the corners of door or window frames to provide high acoustic attenuation, as an airtight seal barrier is created.

Because the seals are flexible, not rigid, they can can be coil packed for shipping and are available in 200M boxed lengths which can be easily cut to required lengths.

Suits nominal gap size of 2 – 4 mm.


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Material and Finish:

Black TPE-V wedge gasket seal.
Self-adhesive backing.


These seals can be quickly fitted fitted around the full perimeter of doors or windows as they include 3M-VHB Very High Bond self-adhesive backing. Just cut to desired length, peel off the protective tape, then fit to frame with firm pressure along the length of seal to ensure it adheres to frame surface.
Note: Contact surface must be clean, smooth and fully dry if recently painted.
Available in a choice of door set pack sizes, or lengths of 1000mm cut increments .


Fire: AS1530.4 Smoke: AS1530.7/BCA C3.4 Acoustic: AS1191/ISO140.3/ISO10140.2
Acoustic test information is available.