DIGISAFE 120 is a protection system that prevents fingers from being pinched on door’s hinge, it should be applied on the internal part of the hinge side of all types of doors.

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There are hundreds of door-related accidents with people crushing their fingers every year and these accidents happen in public places or at home and often involve children and elderly people.

DIGISAFE 120 is the ideal product to ensure safety at home or in public places such as hotels, hospitals, public offices, kindergartens and schools.

The DIGISAFE system consists of several aluminium profiles that are hinged together allowing the door to open up to 120° and which totally cover the shear point between the door and the frame.

DIGIMINI seals the gap on the hinge side of the door, aligning with the hinge pin.



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Dimensions N/A
Material and Finish:

Anodized silver. Different colours available upon request, minimum quantity order required.


The system is easily installed in minutes and includes hidden fixings. Suitable for single swing butt hinged doors only.
Available in 2000mm lengths.

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