Fitting Instructions

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Door Seals Fitting Instructions


Using our installation system guarantees your seals will work correctly.

Please note – measurements will need to take into account paint or veneer finish on doors.

Fix doors and land latch first. Pull the seal from the extrusion. Measure and cut to size. Make sure the extrusion is separated from its cover (see Figure 2).

Use 3.0 mm packing between door face and aluminium extrusion. (If using DS20 with S6577 seal use 5 mm packing). Then:

  1. Screw DS10 / DS20 aluminium extrusion to door jamb through the pre-punched holes.
  2. Snap DS10/DS20 using the method illustrated in figure 3.
  3. Feed the seal into face of extrusion and trim off ends with scissors.

Technical Service and Support

At DSA we are always happy to provide service and technical advice for acoustic, weather, fire, and smoke protection to Acoustic Engineers, Architects, and Builders. Door Seals Australia weather seals are guaranteed for two years against defects in material and workmanship provided seals are fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Defective goods will be replaced. However, no claim for work done there on or damage incurred will be allowed.

The Noise Problem

Loud noise hurts everyone, and it’s bad for business. Continued exposure impairs hearing. Some businesses by their nature demand isolation from the intrusive sound of the outside world.

Sliding Door Systems

Made with high-quality materials and top-notch workmanship, our sliding door systems are highly suitable for residential and commercial space.

Standards Compliance

DSA seals are designed to meet the most rigorous International Standards and Building Codes.

Fitting Instructions

Using our installation system guarantee your seals will work correctly.