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DSA Class 47 STC-Rw Acoustic Systems Component.

Page numbers refer to our online catalogue, Refer to page 17 for more information on this system.

DSA Class 47 STC-Rw

The DS20-24 head and jamb seal is proved to be high performance, with this top of our range seal system, on rebated doors we can overpower lab tests. The DS44 is high performance and economical door seal which can be installed on door stops of suffi cient depth. The corner can be mitred or butt joined. 10 mm clearance is recommended. The DRS 1530 and DBS 1230 are fully mechanical automatic door bottoms that utilise a fl at spring mechanism, which activates when the door is closed, lowering a TPE seal insert against the fl oor or threshold. The protruding hinge–side plunger is compressed by the frame as the door closes to activate the spring. The seal then drops in a scissors like motion from the hinge side. Using a 3mm Hex spanner to adjust to the fl oor from a pivoting point. This motion ensures a smooth drop without drag for a tight seal, even on an uneven fl oor. As the TPE seal compresses. For drop seals size, refer to page 7.

The DS16 Astragal, meeting stiles can be applied on one or two sides of a double door. If rebated the SV512 or S6577 seal should be used on the rebate. Fixing method zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. of the appropriate size and colour are supplied.

DSA Class 47 STC-Rw

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