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Acoustic Information

The Noise Problem

Loud noise hurts everyone, and it’s bad for business. Continued exposure impairs hearing. Some businesses by their nature demand isolation from the intrusive sound of the outside world. From residential home theatre systems, to concert halls, night clubs, offices, schools, heavy equipment rooms, noise levels expose employers to potential liabilies with hearing damage.

Defining Noise Problems and Solving them

To define your specific problems, you need a basic understanding of how to quantify your unwanted noise and the sound level that will be acceptable. Understanding the degree of sound control you need to achieve requires a brief overview of the science of sound and its measurement. Sound is vibrations in air moving in waves. The rate of sound pulsations measured in cycles per second is called frequency, also known as hertz - Hz -. The range of human hearing is considered to be 20 to 20,000 Hz. Sound pressure levels are measured in decibels, - dB -. It has been proven that the human ear perceives changes in loudness caused with even small changes in those levels. Each 10 dB increase doubles the loudness and the annoyance or discomfort that goes with it.

*To go from definitions to practical applications, we first need to understand how sound is transmitted from its source through a barrier and how a barrier is rated for its ability to inhibit or block sound.

Sound insulation performance is defined in terms of the STC or Rw rating as shown in the Sound Transmittion Class table below. Current Australian standards have adopted international (180) terminology which refers to the weighted sound reduction index (Rw). Previously the term used was sound transmission class. With that information, we can examine the role of sealing systems in optimising the performance of doors that function as a sound barriers.

Sound Table

Acoustic Information

Acoustic Seals Test Performance Data

Acoustic Seals Test Performance Data Table

Technical Service and Support

DSA is quality assured under the disciplines of BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

At DSA we are always happy to provide service and technical advice for acoustic, weather, fire, and smoke protection to Acoustic Engineers, Architects, and Builders. Door Seals Australia weather seals are guaranteed for two years against defects in material and workmanship provided seals are fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Defective goods will be replaced. However, no claim for work done there on or damage incurred will be allowed.