Door Seals of Australia
ABN: 67 528 663 992

Unit 13/81 Bishop St
Kelvin Grove QLD 4059

Phone: +617 3856 6660
Fax: +617 3352 7488

About Door Seals of Australia

Company Overview:

Door Seals of Australia is a division of Vies P Construction Pty Ltd ABN 67528 663 992; ACN 007811145, a privately owned Australian company with strong international ties. We have manufactured these seals for 45 years and supplied them to Europe, USA, Russia, Japan and Australia, including the Australian Government.

DSA does not claim to have pioneered or copied American architectural seals systems. DSA is the most technological advanced of Architectural Door seals systems. Our head office is located in Brisbane, QLD., Australia.

The company also produced and supplied state of the art seals and supplied them to timber and aluminium joinery companies. DSA products incorporate a high standard in design of quality manufacture and durability, and come fully supported with extensive independent testing. The company’s reputation is built on trust and credibility for innovative technical ability together with product quality through its extensive commitment to research and development.

Mission Statement and Values - Who We Are:

We at Door Seals of Australia are the premier supplier of door and window sealing systems, servicing the Australian and international construction industry. Our supreme quality products are designed to prevent the intrusion of pests, hot and cold weather, noise, draughts, smoke, dust and fire.

Door Seals of Australia strive to keep business simple with accessible cost effective products and services coordinated from our head offi ce in Brisbane and augmented by our state-of-the-art online store.

Our primary objectives are fairness to all employees and customers, the provision of quality products and services to the construction industry and the reduction of poor performance in terms of installation and product lifespan.

Door seals of Australia plans to reduce the cost of goods whilst striving to improve their quality. Most of our designs are fl atbed wedge shaped which means even doors with imperfections are unlikely to hinder performance.

What We Do:

Door Seals of Australia provides superior products & services including expert advice to ensure consistently high levels of customer satisfaction through:

Business Management Plan:

Our business management plan has been devised to advance our company in the areas of procurement, infrastructure / logistics, property, corporate services, education & information services and telecommunications & IT infrastructure.

How We Do It:

Door Seals of Australia makes a difference by delivering value in all of our products and services. We demonstrate the highest level of ethical behaviour, integrity, impartiality and fairness in our dealings with customers and suppliers.

Our team works towards common goals based on the needs and expectations of the community, our stakeholders, customers and clients. Door Seals of Australia encourages, recognises and rewards initiative and innovations as we strive to be leaders in our fi eld of expertise.

Who We Serve:

Door Seals of Australia serves customers in the construction industry. We are dedicated to maintaining relationships with our clients and working collaboratively with them to develop a climate that ensures simple, risk-free interaction with our company.